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Samotné závody byly připraveny na vysoké úrovni, což se ale nedá říct o organizaci ubytování, dopravy a jídla. Příklad za všechny: Vodr, Lauič, Zuzka a Lenka marně čekali na autobus na snídani ráno před middlem a nakonec na snídani prostě nešli, protože to nestihli. Autobus do centra pak měl další půl hodinu zpoždění kvůli zácpě, takže pak nestíhali testovat lyže před startem… Tenhle zážitek už byl poslední kapka pro sepsání stížností a jejich předložení pořadatelům:

Czech Team Complaints of the WOC Organization

1. Organizers did not inform the Czech team on a change of accommodation location. The team was supposed to stay at the event center in Planernaya and instead was moved to Nagornoe without any previous notice. As a result the team was forced to travel for competitions and food. It brought troubles, e.g. time losses resulting in the shorter time for regeneration and other preparations for races (ski waxing, training possibilities, ski test).

2. After the Long Distance race, the bus with competitors was standing at the gate of Planernaya for 30 minutes waiting for a police escort. Why? There were no troubles with the traffic in previous days. You can imagine how the competitors were feeling while waiting in the overheated bus, tired after the long race, hungry and thirsty. It really was no regeneration.

3. On the Middle Distance race morning, the 8.15 bus from Nagornoe (according to the schedule) did not come at all. Because of this situation, the part of the Czech team did not have any possibility to have a breakfast before the race. This, of course, was not the ideal preparation for the WOC race.

The 9.05 bus to Planernaya was delayed because of the traffic jam. This was the first time when a police escort was needed but there were no police officers on the streets and crossings on the way. Thus the journey took approximately 40 minutes (usually 10 – 15 min). This, of course, was not the ideal preparation before the WOC race as well.

4. Dressing rooms at Planeranya were locked after the arrival of first busses on the Long and Middle Distance days. Competitors had to wait 15 minutes for the opening. The outside temperature before the Long distance was -12°C. Competitors have their own time schedule before each race and situations like this disturb their concentration for race, make them nervous and may affect their performance negatively.

5. The level of the speaker did not correspond to the importance of the World Championship. In addition we would like to announce that Czechoslovakia split up in 1993 and today there are two independent countries – the Czech and Slovak Republic. The speaker obviously was not informed on this event.

Nagornoe, March 1, 2007

Richard Klech, Head Coach
Ondrej Vodrazka, Competitor
Jiri Bouchal, Competitor


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